Our mission is supporting organizations to be places where people want to be.

Our focus is empowering individuals, groups, and organizations to (a) improve leadership effectiveness, (b) resolve interpersonal challenges, and (c) create collaborative, inspired, high-performing teams. We do this through personalized assessment and intervention.

Our Process

Initial Assessment and Discovery Meeting to assess the scope of your needs.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment of organizational culture and climate, leading to specific recommendations for building on strengths and addressing challenges.

Personalized Interventions that match the right RJCG Consultant across any combination of (a) Level in the organization: individual contributor to executive, (b) Format: individual, dyad, small or large group, (c) Specific Issue: leadership or interpersonal skill deficits, workplace tension/conflict, etc., and (d) Coaching Method: teaching and process facilitation.


Individual Executive Coaching occurs in a one-on-one format and focuses on optimizing leadership skills, addressing individual, interpersonal, and organizational challenges, and actualizing creative visions.

Team Building is tailored to level in the organization, occurs in a small group format, and focuses on building cohesion, trust, effective communication, and accountability among team members.

Conflict Resolution is tailored to level in the organization, occurs in individual, dyad and small group formats, and focuses on reducing tension and rebuilding trust, harmony, and collaboration.

Targeted Group Trainings on topics such as such as diversity, stress reduction, leadership, growth mindset, and psychological safety.


Step One: Comprehensive Needs Assessment

  • Assess strengths and challenges of structure, processes, leadership and interpersonal dynamics

  • Tailor interventions for the following steps based on assessment

Step Two: Increase Differentiated Self Leadership of Leadership Team

  • Increase personal power, decrease emotional reactivity, and improve interpersonal boundaries

  • Each internal part contributes, including protectors; Self leads

Step Three: Increase Cohesion of Leadership Team

  • Address the Five Dysfunctions of a Team*: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, results

Step Four: Increase Organizational Clarity among Leadership Team

  • Refine core purpose, values, activities, strategic goals, priorities, and roles/responsibilities

Step Five: Communicate Organizational Clarity

o Cascading communication* of core purpose, values, and strategic goals to all employees

o Increase Differentiated Self Leadership of managers as conduits of clarity

Step Six: Reinforce Clarity through Management of Human Systems

  • Selection/orientation of new hires and reward system are built around values and goals

  • Employees who don’t fit the values are managed out while poor performers who do fit values are given coaching and assistance to succeed

  • Focus on the motivational Three R’s: relevance, relationship, and reinforcement

  • Reduce the de-motivators

  • Resolve interpersonal challenges among employees (communication, legacy events, cultural)

  • Build cohesive units with managers: Address 5 dysfunctions and facilitate ownership of clarity

Step Seven: Facilitate Effective Meetings

  • Avoid Meeting Stew*: Tactical and strategic discussions are in separate meetings

  • Four Types of Meetings: daily admin check-in, weekly tactical, monthly topical, quarterly strategic/developmental

*Based on Lencioni (2012)


Our Values

RJCG Core Values

Walk the Talk: Embodying the characteristics of a healthy organization while helping clients do the same.

Lead with Self Energy: Approaching our work with grounded wisdom, discernment, and compassion.

RJCG Aspirational Values:

High Levels of Personal Power: Embodying self-efficacy and values-based decision-making.

Healthy Interpersonal Boundaries: Defining limits of responsibility as well as managing anxiety without gossiping or triangulating others.

Low levels of Emotional Reactivity: Holding and digesting emotionally provocative stimuli without overreacting or activating others.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: Acknowledging the impact of cultural dimensions and power dynamics on worldview and relationships while embracing our own cultural humility.

RJCG Permission-to-Play Values:

Effective Communication: Being responsive to clients and co-workers, focusing on solutions rather than problems, and being direct and respectful.

Integrity: Approaching clients and co-workers with honesty, respect, gratitude, and inherent value.