How Healthy is your Organization?

The following questions can help you assess your needs: 

  • Is your leadership team struggling with trust, communication, accountability, or alignment around your organization’s mission, values, and strategic goals?

  • Are some employees in your organization working against each other, rather than collaboratively?

  • Have conflicts or tension among employees led to communication break-downs that have persisted even after attempts to fix the problem?

  • Do some of your leaders or managers need support to develop their leadership skills?

  • Do your middle managers, in particular, struggle with effectively transmitting the vision of the leadership team?

  • Are some staff meetings unpopular, tiring, or unproductive?

  • Do some employees exhibit low morale or a lack of understanding of organizational values and mission?

  • Are you a small business or start-up that is experiencing growing pains?

  • Are you a family or friend owned business with communication that is complicated by multiple roles?

    If you answered yes to any of the above, RJCG can help.

    We specialize in improving leadership skills, resolving workplace tensions, and building cohesive teams.

    We will help your leaders, managers, and employees create and sustain collaborative, high-performing teams.