Reclaiming Your Real Self - 10 year Anniversary

Its been 10 years since the publication of my first book, "Reclaiming Your Real Self: A Psychological and Spiritual Integration." After countless presentations and counseling/coaching sessions on the concepts in the book, I still very much enjoy providing group training and working individually with therapy and executive coaching clients to help them integrate the ideas in the book to create more sustainable meaning in their lives. In particular, by integrating a personally-defined spiritual practice, individuals can base their decisions and leadership across their personal and work lives on the intuitive discernment of their Real Self. To mark the 10 year anniversary, I re-initiated my "Reclaiming Your Real Self" blog and uploaded two podcast interviews I did about the book (one for "Progressive Radio Network" and the other for "Shrink Rap Radio") on my website

To purchase the book on amazon visit Reclaiming Your Real Self

Differentiated Self Leadership

Self Differentiation is the ability to hold onto your Self while staying fully in contact with others. Despite what some say, differentiation is not about distancing from others. Its really about how you can be both true to your Self and be relationally responsive. Sometimes I refer to it as "differentiated attachment," to highlight the balance that is characteristic of higher levels. I have conducted research on the predictors, outcomes, and characteristics of differentiation for over 20 years, including my doctoral dissertation, which assessed the impact of parental divorce and family dynamics (predictors) on the differentiation levels of young adults. Overall, the research is clear: higher levels of differentiation are associated with many dimensions of physical, psychological, and relational health throughout life. Individuals with higher levels of Self differentiation exhibit more personal power, less emotional reactivity, and better interpersonal boundaries. More recently, I have integrated my research with other approaches (most notably, IFS and EFT) and have applied this integrated model to executive coaching and organizational leadership. Differentiated Self Leadership is now part of the cornerstone of the leadership coaching we do at RJCG.

Accidental Culture

An “accidental culture” occurs in organizations when behaviors among employees are not aligned with the core, intentional values of the organization. Instead, behavioral tendencies unintentionally develop over time into organizational culture. Units start to drift and develop their own organizational culture. This happens for a variety of reasons, most notably because the leadership team isn’t clear about their core behavioral expectations, or they are not consistently communicating those expectations across the organization. RJCG can help. We help organizations define and communicate their values and to base their hiring, retention, and reinforcement of employees on these expectations. RJCG.ORG

Workplace Conflict

As a CEO, business manager, or other organizational leader, do you know how to resolve conflict in the workplace? Many organizational leaders struggle to manage interpersonal conflict among employees. Although employees are able to resolve minor squabbles, persistent conflict has a detrimental impact on morale, teamwork, and productivity. And, most leaders don't know what's truly maintaining the difficulties. At RJCG, our experienced consultants, all of whom are talented therapist/coaches, have the skill set to assess the root causes of the conflict and resolve the struggles, restoring trust and teamwork. RJCG.ORG. #workplaceconflict